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New Haven

2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st

Yexandra Diaz

Yexandra 'Yex' Diaz is a multi-disciplinary artist and professional whose oeuvre is her sobering expression of what it is to exist in a world of resistance, resilience and revolution during a new era of renaissance rooted in healing. Chicago born and New Haven raised, the polarizing reality of oppression juxtaposed alongside privilege inspires Yex, an Oral Narrator to employ the art of spoken word as a vehicle for messages that raise awareness around social and environmental injustices. Yex's voice is an instrument utilized to highlight, heal and honor by marrying thought with speech to convey the pain and plight turned purpose of those negatively impacted by oppressive systems. Yex's style uplifts afro-indigenous culture while evoking radical spiritualism to rewrite the dangerous single narratives which plague stigmatized peoples. As an overall Community Advocate, Yex serves many roles ranging from a Birth Doula and Educator to a Facilitator developing and delivering trainings rooted

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