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New Haven

2021 Listings: Monday, June 21st

Moxanne (aka Robin Debacker)

Hi! I'm 70 years young, been playing guitar and singing since I was 10. After I showed dad I wasn't gonna quit on that first $20 piece of junk, he got me my first real guitar. That was 1962 and it was a Gibson Hummingbird. Wish I still had it. I've been around the world and gotten away from music here and there, but I always have a guitar around, and have played on various stages for various events, large and small (mostly small). Most recently, I got a little trio together (Craigs list is great) and we've been working together for a couple of years, with a covid break in between. We're a bass, a cahone, and me with my guitar, and we do covers of 60's and 70's stuff mostly, but any song is game if we like it. What I like about our band is the songs we choose to cover, and the arrangements, which tend to be creatively distinct. I also like the wide age difference of our members ~ 25 to 70. No, we're not but yes we do feel like family!

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