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New Haven

2021 Listings: Monday, June 21st

Nunz N Pepin N Rose

Vanessa Rose (Rose) has recently partnered with Nunz & Pepin. She and Nunz created a mantra chanting group out of their mutual love for yoga mantra and meditation in 2011 and have now reunited to form this rock, folk, mantra fusion group with Pepin. Sal Annunziato (Nunz) is the Owner and Founder at Love Tribe Open Hearts Arts Life Center, Founder at Love Tribe ~Open Hearts No Matter What and Yoga Instructor at Raven's Wing Yoga. A singer songwriter all of his life . Lead singer/ rhythm guitarist for The Red Hill Rockers, Nunz N Pepin, and Bhakti Bliss. Roland Pepin (Pepin) is a singer / songwriter, keyboardist / guitar player, drummer / bass player with a degree in audio engineering. He performs in 5 different bands, and poses as a maintenance mechanic during the day.

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